The following rules of conduct are to be followed at all times when using the MYND Initiative Inc. social media platforms.  Breach of these rules will result in users being reprimanded in accordance with our Social Media Policy.

1.  You must have an active social media account in order to contribute.
To use the MYND Initiative Inc. social media platforms, all users shall need to agree and comply with the rules outlined in our Social Media Policy, in order to post on social media.  This ensures that the social media remains a safe space.  

2.  Be respectful towards others at all times.
MYND Initiative Inc. intends to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, and an avenue for the discussion of mental health.  Occasionally there may be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions.  Users are expected to be courteous and mindful when disagreeing with others and discussing sensitive topics.  

3.  Ranting is prohibited.
A rant is a post that is often filled with angry and counterproductive comments.  A free exchange of ideas is essential to building a strong sense of community and is helpful in its development.  Rants are disruptive, and incite flaming and trolling.  MYND Initiative Inc. would like to request that users of its social media platforms post thoughts in a concise and clear manner while avoiding going off on rambling tangents.   

4.  Personal attacks are prohibited.
Commonly known as flaming, personal attacks are posts that are designed to personally berate or insult another social media user.  Posts of this nature are not conducive to the community spirit that MYND Initiative Inc. promotes.  As such, this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.

5.  Trolling is prohibited.
Trolling is defined as a post that is deliberately designed for the purpose of angering and insulting other individuals in an attempt to incite retaliation or an emotional response.  Posts of this nature are disruptive, often abusive, and do not contribute to the sense of community that MYND Initiative Inc. promotes.

6.  Racism and discrimination are prohibited.
MYND Initiative Inc. social media platforms are open to individuals of all ethnicities, religions, sexualities, genders and walks of life.  Posts which are derogatory towards a racial group, religion, sexual orientation or gender can result in immediate suspension of social media posting privileges.

7.  Discussions must remain on topic.
Off-topic posting is permitted within reason, as sometimes a single comment may colour or lighten the tone of discussion.  However, excessive posting of off-topic remarks in an attempt to derail a thread may result in the thread being locked, or a social media warning being issued to the off-topic poster.  Out of respect for others, please try to keep discussions on topic. If you have a new point you wish to discuss that is not entirely related to the topic, feel free to start a new one as long as it is posted in the relevant section.

8.  Use of profanity is prohibited.
The use of profanity is prohibited on all MYND Initiative Inc. social media platforms.

9.  “Doxxing”, referring to the posting of personal information, is prohibited on all MYND Initiative Inc. social media platforms.
“Doxxing”, which refers to the posting of personal information, including but not limited to personal contact numbers, email addresses, account names and passwords, home addresses and real life names is strictly prohibited on all MYND Initiative Inc. social media platforms, including its online forums.

10.  Discussions of warnings, appeals and suspensions are prohibited.
Users may receive warnings and notice of suspensions directly from, as well as make appeals to the MYND Initiative Inc. Online Operations Team through email or private messaging.  All previous and current dealings with the MYND Initiative Inc. Online Operations Team and the user being reprimanded and/or making an appeal is private, and any statement disclosing these dealings will be deleted.

11.  Discussions of social media moderation is prohibited.
Users may caution other users regarding potential moderation, and/or flag a post anonymously for moderation.  All previous and current dealings between the MYND Initiative Inc. Online Operations Team and the user being moderated is private, and any statement disclosing these dealings may be deleted.  Users with a complaint, dispute or grievance regarding the actions of the MYND Initiative Inc. Online Operations Team may choose to escalate the matter to the Social Media Team, the Executive, and/or the Ethics Committee.

12.  Spamming is prohibited.
Spam is defined as the repetitive posting of the same topic or nonsensical post that has no substance and is often designed to annoy other social media users.  This can include the words “first”, “bump”, and other such posts that contribute no value to the social media discussion.  Spamming also includes the posting of ASCII art within a social media post, or bumping of old threads for no justifiable reason. 

13.  Frequent bumping is prohibited.
The bumping of posts alters the order of the thread listing on social media.  Out of respect for other people’s posts, please limit the amount of bumping you perform to a post.  If you do not get the answer you are looking for, you may have to delete the post and try a new one, or abandon it.  Alternatively, contact us at MYND Initiative Inc., or give feedback to us here.

14.  Redundant and re-posted threads will be removed.
As a courtesy to other social media users, please search using the keywords provided to see if there is a thread already open on the topic you wish to discuss.  If so, please place your comments there instead.  Multiple threads on the same subject clutter up social media needlessly, causing good feedback and ideas to be lost.  Please keep discussions regarding a topic to a single thread.  The MYND Initiative Inc. Online Operations Team will review the need for a new and/or re-posted thread on a case-by-case basis, so please don’t be alarmed if threads do not appear immediately.

15.  Posting advertisements is prohibited.
MYND Initiative Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation.  Posts which function to advertise a product or service for a particular gain are prohibited.  This may include but is not limited to the sale of items, the promotion of online studies, the promotion of an unsupported claim, and the sharing of pyramid schemes.

16.  Post constructively.
Posts that are non-constructive, insulting or in breach of the rules will be deleted regardless of how valid the ideas behind them may be.  Users are also reminded that posting with a lack of content also constitutes non-constructive posting.

17.  Ban evasion is prohibited.
Social media suspensions and bans are issued when a user grossly violates the social media rules.  While they are rarely issued, they are applied with the community’s best interests in mind.  Attempts to bypass a suspension or ban via the use of alternate accounts will result in additional action, and in some instances may result in the permanent revocation of social media posting privileges across all accounts.  Similarly, having another social media user post on your behalf if you are unable to do so may result in an extension of your suspension or ban, as well as the user who does so also receiving a similar reprimand regardless of their warning history.

18.  Abuse, harassment and stalking of MYND Initiative Inc. members, volunteers, contractors, moderators and online social media users are prohibited.
MYND Initiative Inc. operates on a zero tolerance policy on abuse of its members, volunteers, contractors, moderators and online social media users.  This includes but is not limited to personal attacks, collating information of someone’s online presence, trolling, and the use of private identities when referring to the aforementioned parties.

Our social media is designed to be a place where people can exchange ideas and support in a polite and friendly manner for the betterment of mental health.  Those who attack or abuse members, volunteers, contractors, moderators and online social media users of MYND Initiative Inc. will be permanently banned.

19.  Rumour-mongering and sharing of misleading or unsupported evidence are prohibited.
Rumour threads and posts which are based off no actual solid information and are designed to (intentionally or otherwise) either troll, annoy, dismay or mislead other users will be locked and removed.  Such posts will offer unproven or unsupported accounts for people, treatment and mental health that are detrimental to the wellbeing of others, and can harm others.

20.  Posting of inappropriate content is prohibited.
The posting of pornography, discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive as well as excessive obscene or vulgar language, posts which discuss or illustrate illegal activity, or an instance of providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned is strictly prohibited on all MYND Initiative Inc. social media platforms.  This includes the sharing of malware and links to untrusted sites.

21.  Intentional deception is prohibited.
We all wish to maintain an anonymous presence; however, intentional deception for malicious or commercial reasons is strictly prohibited.  Impersonating any person or entity, or falsely stating or misrepresenting your affiliation with a person or entity, including using deceptive information for a particular gain is prohibited.  Making false, misleading or deceptive representations that you are another person can amount to a criminal offence and give rise to civil liability.