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Consider the ways that MYND Initiative Inc. can be involved with your community group or school community and assist you with developing a better mental health environment:

  • Invite us to speak at your community group or school on mental health and mental illness
  • Encourage people and students to develop good mental health habits at the same time as practising good self-care, bearing in mind that the two are often linked
  • Develop initiatives that eradicate the stigma attached to mental health
  • Hold special classes that allow students to build confidence and rapport that enables them to open up to teachers, mentors and one another and about mental health issues, particularly teaching students that there is no stigma attached to dealing with mental illness or issues
  • Create an environment where it is encouraged to talk about mental health. Teach community members to be mental health mentors
  • Become a partner with MYND Initiative and help spread our message that mental health matters to everyone
  • Create discussion groups within the school amongst students and teachers
  • Ensuring the development of policies and procedures that help students feel comfortable with seeking help when dealing with mental illness


Become involved with MYND Initiative Inc. in their mission to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health issues and mental illness: 

  • Invite us to speak at your business on mental health  
  • Become involved by sponsoring or partnering with MYND Initiative Inc.
  • Hold team building events where your staff build bonds that allow them to open up to one another about mental health
  • Develop policies and procedures to enable management and staff to feel comfortable enough to talk about their mental health without being ridiculed or harassed
  • Hold fundraising activities to assist us with spreading our message


As we expand our charity operations, we are always looking for volunteers to help us with the many facets of MYND Initiative Inc., from marketing, to grant writing and research. If you would like to share your skills with us, we would love to hear from you. Getting involved with MYND may include some of the following, but we are always open to anyone who wants to help.

  • Volunteer as on-site staff at events
  • Help us market our cause online and through social media
  • Create and design online content
  • Edit videos
  • Manage our website and online accounts
  • Conduct grant research or write applications
  • Create sponsorship proposals
  • Provide legal advice
  • Conduct a public speaking event
  • Become a speaker and/or advocate