Complaints, Disputes and Grievances Resolution Procedure


In accordance with our Complaints, Disputes and Grievances Resolution Policy, we shall encourage that all complaints, disputes and grievances are to be resolved as follows:

  • an “Informal Intervention”, where all parties have the matter brought to their attention and attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution within fourteen (14) days, or
  • a “Formal Intervention”, which involves:
    • the completion of the Complaints, Disputes and Grievances Form to a Complaints Officer of MYND Initiative Inc.,
    • mediated discussions in an attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved, which are to start within ten (10) days of receipt of the above form, or as soon as is reasonably practicable,
    • the conduct of an impartial investigation, throughout which all parties involved will be continually informed,
    • the escalation of the matter to our Executive, our Ethics Committee, and other external mediation avenues including the police as necessary, and
    • the debriefing process informing all parties of all agreed upon outcomes, which may include any combination of but are not limited to:
      • counselling,
      • disciplinary action (including and up to termination of employment),
      • an official warning,
      • a suggested action plan (including formal apology, reimbursement of associated costs, re-crediting of any relevant leave taken, and/or any such undertaking to resolve the complaint, dispute and/or grievance), and/or
      • mediation where the parties involved in the complaint agree to a mutually acceptable resolution.

In addition to the above, we shall also:

  • provide ongoing education, support and guidance to all Members, volunteers, contractors, stakeholders, visitors and clients of MYND Initiative Inc.,
  • discuss the matter with the Work Health and Safety Team (or Representative), who will broach the topic at a Work Health and Safety Meeting, in accordance with our Work Health and Safety Policy, and
  • complete mandatory reporting requirements for individuals who are required to comply with an external regulatory body.