Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Nadisha Jayasinghe MD

Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer 
Nadisha began MYND Initiative Inc. in April 2015 after observing the lack of understanding and compassion for people in the community struggling with mental illness.  This gave him the idea to develop an initiative that would help educate people about mental health and mental illness and remove the associated stigma.  Through his medical knowledge, combined with lived experience of depression and anxiety, Nadisha has developed a passion for mental health advocacy.  It is his dream that communities of understanding will develop with increased education and resources. Nadisha also co-founded mental health initiatives including UNSW Psychiatry Society and developed a mental health guide for UNSW medical students.

Hsui Yang Wong (Yang)

Co-Founder, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Hsui Yang Wong (Yang) has been involved with MYND Initiative Inc. since July 2015. He is currently a medical and mental health professional, which has been a lifelong dream as well as many years of back-breaking work, with interests in several fields ranging from community mental health, clinical medicine, research, advocacy, and many others.

Nicky Cashmere

Chief Administration Officer 
Nicky has an extensive background in administration having worked as a legal secretary for over twenty years.  She is passionate about mental health and undertook a Diploma of Community Services with an emphasis on mental health.  She has a lived experience of mental illness and was a long term carer for her daughter who also struggles with a number of mental health issues.

Megat Stefan

Chief Financial Officer
Megat joined MYND Initiative Inc. in May 2019.  For the past five years, Stefan has been working as a freelance day trader in financial markets.  He has particular experience in dealing with derivatives and arbitrage trading.  His passion for data science and numbers has driven him to utilise his knowledge to develop MYND Initiative Inc.

Elizabeth Lun

Chief Marketing Officer 

Elizabeth is passionate about mental health advocacy and improving community outcomes through the development of education programs to facilitate sociocultural change. She hopes to spread MYND’s important message that mental health matters to everyone and that there should be no stigma associated with seeking mental health services. As a doctor, Elizabeth believes that access to healthcare, both physical and mental, is a fundamental human right. Her interests include global health, research, organising community outreach programs and attempting to grow succulent plants.

Balram Veeragoo Naidu

Creative Director 

Balram is a multidisciplinary artist, creative and neuroscience major that relies heavily on art and artistic processes, for maintaining good mental health hygiene.

As creative director of MYND, it is his aim, to develop platforms for artists to explore and showcase themselves.

Renee Cashmere Simpson

Chief Designer and Videographer

Renee’s role is to oversee all design aspects of MYND Initiative Inc. and help create video projects. Renee comes to us from a history of being a mental health advocate at headspace in Tweed Heads and since being with us she has created the MYND logo. Renee is a highly creative and inspiring young woman who speaks personally about her mental health journey and in her spare time is a singer/songwriter.

Caterina Turnbull

Chief Technology Officer 

Having joined MYND Initiative Inc. in November 2019, Caterina completed her studies in music composition and arts management, and currently spends her time outside of MYND teaching music, managing websites, and running her music presenting business. As she has had personal experiences with mental illnesses, she is a strong advocate for the increased destigmatization of views surrounding mental health.

Amogh Ananth

Chief Legal Officer

Amogh Ananth served on the MYND executive since mid-2020 as a Policy Officer – and is currently studying a Juris Doctor (graduate-entry law) at ANU. He recently completed a double Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music and a Graduate Certificate of Arts (regulatory policy) at Monash University, with majors in classical music performance, political science and criminology. Born and raised in Melbourne, Amogh has developed an interest in social justice and greater awareness about mental health over his formative years. Optimising and maintaining MYND’s policy framework are his ultimate goals.