About Us


At MYND Initiative Incorporated, we believe that mental health matters to everyone.   We are a not-for-profit organisation seeking to identify areas of improvement relating to the mental health of each member of the community at the grassroots level, by stimulating and continuing conversations on mental health as well as encouraging the practice of proper mental health hygiene. 

Our vision is that each individual, family and community will collectively develop a better awareness and understanding of mental health issues as well as of the importance of mental health in general, such that the associated stigmatisation, discrimination and isolation are reduced.  In this vision, we are also more likely to come together to create an environment where help-seeking behaviours are encouraged, compassionate support is provided, and we would be open to education on mental health issues, and in so doing create communities of understanding.

The MYND Initiative message is extremely applicable across a wide range of subpopulations.  We are constantly on the lookout to partner alongside and work with similarly-minded individuals, communities and organisations, intending to cohesively extend our reach as well as share manpower and resources to build upon the remarkable work that has begun and is continuing to shape the mental health landscape in Australia together.  Additionally, our members also work tirelessly to identify current gaps in mental health awareness and understanding that are of specific concern to each community, and address these concerns and gaps by providing education through various platforms and collaborative events.   These include podcasts, webinars, music videos, discussion groups, speaker events, and many more.

Each individual has a unique life story that shapes their understanding and management of mental health issues.  One day, our work with you, our partners and each community of understanding will ensure that the mental health of each of these individuals and society as a collective whole is viewed as important.


  • A community of understanding where individuals with mental health issues will feel safe to disclose their mental health issues, as well as psychological and social stressors, without fear of being stigmatised, discriminated against or isolated as a result.
  • A community of understanding where individuals with mental health issues will not have to fear the repercussions of their own mental health issues.
  • A community of understanding who understands that mental health issues do not define a person, but can increase vulnerability, be debilitating and impede help-seeking behaviours.
  • A community of understanding who is able to obtain the correct information from appropriate channels about mental health issues, therefore developing a correct understanding of said mental health issues.
  • A community of understanding who welcomes and continues ongoing discussions about mental health issues, thereby increasing openness amongst individuals, families and communities to discussing mental health issues.
  • A community of understanding who seeks to be helpful towards individuals with mental health issues.
  • A community of understanding who seeks to first understand the situation, prior to making judgment, and seeks help through the appropriate channels, such as through the emergency hotlines and/or getting the individual to a hospital, if necessary.
  • A community of understanding who practises, encourages and promotes positive mental health hygiene among themselves and in others.
  • A community of understanding who, together with other relevant organisations and individuals, advocates for and raises awareness about mental health issues, among all groups, including disadvantaged groups, as well as groups of diverse cultures and in various languages.
  • A community of understanding who guides others to understand the above, and provides education, guidance, reassurance and support where necessary.
  • A community of understanding who operates, for better or for worse, for all intents and purposes, as a family.


MYND Initiative Inc. initially began with two individuals who saw various cultural and social barriers evident in their own communities that prevented a genuine understanding of mental health issues.  These two grew up in cultural environments where discussing mental health issues was frowned upon when sufferers of ‘anxiety’ or ‘depression’ were told to hide their illnesses because no one would understand.  This meant that people who struggled with mental health issues were unable to gain the support they needed.  They noticed that various cultural barriers, values and beliefs developed over generations (resulting in a non-inclusive culture within specific families and communities) which consequently led to the exacerbation of serious mental health conditions and a lack of understanding and compassion.